[Cialug] PSA - Personal Security

Tim Wilson tim_linux at wilson-home.com
Thu Oct 18 17:30:59 CDT 2007

I had an issue a few months ago.  We were trying to get a home equity loan.
When the credit union did their research, it came back that I owed child
support.  Interesting, since I don't have any children.  Basically, since
the SSA told other government bodies that they couldn't use social security
numbers anymore, they use names and birth dates.  However, this was old
enough, that it did not have a birth date associated with it (something
about it happened before stuff like this was entered into the computer
system, so they didn't have a birth date).  So any Tim Wilson matched, and
there's only a couple of those (sarcasm).  I had to have a friend of mine
sign an affidavit saying that I was not *that* Tim Wilson.  Nothing like
guilty until proven innocent.  Even checking credit reports would not have
caught this.  Note this was a home equity loan.  We did not have this
problem when we bought the house, or when we refinanced it.  Of course, that
was when things could be looked up by SSN.

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