[Cialug] PSA - Personal Security

Josh More morej at alliancetechnologies.net
Thu Oct 18 10:45:41 CDT 2007

Last night, after the meeting, there were a few conversations about
recent identity theft attacks targeting children.  For those who were
not there, the one I was discussing was the problem of people using the
social security numbers of young kids to get credit cards.  Since the
kids don't check their credit ratings, these ID thefts can run a lot
longer than they do on adults.

I just ran across an article that mentions that the problem exists for
older kids too:

So, if you have children, it's a good idea to check their credit
reports along with your own.  (You *are* all checking your free credit
reports every four months, right?)

Anyway, there was enough interest last night that I thought a general
post would be useful.

 morej at alliancetechnologies.net 

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