[Cialug] SIGBAP & Meeting

Josh More morej at alliancetechnologies.net
Tue Oct 16 09:58:09 CDT 2007

We are very much NOT light on content this month (surprise).

We have at least one college presenter, a talk on consultancy, a talk
on certifications, and a talk on interviewing techniques.  Following
that, we have a roundtable on career advancement with a focus on Linux
and Open Source.

SIGBAP will likely be decided at the end of the meeting, as usual. 
Though, if anyone wants to make a strong argument for a specific place
start thinking about it.  We're easily swayed.

This is also your monthly reminder that we have a meeting tomorrow. 
Details, directions, and pictures of penguins are here: 

If you're interested in the Xen vs VMWare issues, join the Central Iowa
Area Virtualization Users Group and ask on that list, or suggest that it
be a topic at our next (first) meeting.  http://www.ciavug.org/


 morej at alliancetechnologies.net 

>>> "Jonathan C. Bailey" <jbailey at co.marshall.ia.us> 10/16/07 9:20 AM
Any idea on where the SIGBAP will be tomorrow? Anywhere downtown with
free WiFi?

Also, if we are light on content, I'd love to hear more about Xen vs
VMWare since I missed that meeting (I was in Philly).

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