[Cialug] wireless communities in Iowa?

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In the first place I don't know how they think they can stop or deny you the right to do business.
And if you are in the unlicensed bands they're isn't anything they can do about it. PERIOD

Been there done that. Hampton wanted to run injunctions against me from building my tower and etc.
I went right ahead and did it anyways. And there wasn't anything they could do about it. Yea I had
to visit with the FCC and the FAA before it was all a done deal. But I got it done none the less.

If it makes you feel better find a damn good lawyer outside of your community and have a nice
letter wrote to them letting them know your going to do business there and it they so much as try
to stop or hinder your business you'll be suing the pants off them.

So I'd find a way to get something in the air and start pumping.

Keep in mind you'll be on everybodies $hit list. At least for awhile.

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> Well, I've pretty much made up my mind.  It's time to move on.  Had a 
> city official tell me in writing, they will not support community 
> wireless initiatives, unless there are franchise fees involved.  I was 
> also told by a city official that Qwest will not permit Meraki units to 
> be used for shared Internet access from one house to another in Charles 
> City.  That means our mayor has committed to providing a second-rate 
> education to our kids while on his watch, because he objects to 
> affordable "last mile solutions" for our kids.
> So, anyone know a community that has "unwired" in Iowa?
> Tom Poe, Charles City, Iowa
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