[Cialug] Which VM for workstation use?

Theron Conrey theron.conrey at dice.com
Fri Oct 12 14:31:21 CDT 2007

Dual opteron dual cores.....

How many virtual processors have you given the VM? Amount of RAM for the VM?


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So I got my new mighty workstation (dual opteron dual cores, 2 GB RAM) and put Ubuntu 32 bit on the bare metal and then loaded Vmware server (free edition).  I'm getting horrible performance and I cannot get my windows workstation ghosted on to the machine.  Even once XP gets loaded with vmware tools I'm feeling a bit let down.

I've used Vmware workstation in the past and we use ESX server to host several applications in house and I've never seen it perform quite so horribly trying to do these setup tasks.  I don't have the patience for a DD copy but that is about all I am left with.

I'm looking for a little guidance - Should I switch products to something else VM Workstation, Xen.... ?  Or keep banging my head against VM server?

I'm having a "Virtual isn't all it is cracked up to be" moment.

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