[Cialug] wireless communities in Iowa?

Tom Poe tompoe at fngi.net
Fri Oct 12 14:16:33 CDT 2007

Well, I've pretty much made up my mind.  It's time to move on.  Had a 
city official tell me in writing, they will not support community 
wireless initiatives, unless there are franchise fees involved.  I was 
also told by a city official that Qwest will not permit Meraki units to 
be used for shared Internet access from one house to another in Charles 
City.  That means our mayor has committed to providing a second-rate 
education to our kids while on his watch, because he objects to 
affordable "last mile solutions" for our kids.

So, anyone know a community that has "unwired" in Iowa?
Tom Poe, Charles City, Iowa

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