[Cialug] Local Red Hat training

Matt Millard gocyclones at eml.cc
Thu Oct 11 14:41:02 CDT 2007

I know of at least 4 people on my team that need the training and I know
it would be a lot easier to get done if we could do it locally.  When I
emailed Spindustry they said they were going to try and work with RH to
get more classes scheduled.  I'll keep everyone up do date if I find
anything else out.

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 12:51:11 -0500, "Theron Conrey"
<theron.conrey at dice.com> said:
> Don't get to excited.  They are here on a special engagement.  A local
> company paid for training, they're here to deliver that block only.
> I'd like to see someone start doing linux certification in town, but
> they're not here to do any other engagements.
> -Theron
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> On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 01:25 -0500, Matt Millard wrote:
> > Just thought I'd shoot a note out that Spindustry Training in Des
> > Moines is hosting some Red Hat training this week.  I think it was
> > RH133 with the RHCT test on Friday.  I've sent them a note asking
> > for some 400 level courses if possible.  The training is from RH and
> > they are only renting the room from Spindustry.  I'm hoping to get
> > some of my team members to finally get some RH training and having
> > it locally will really help out.
> >
> > https://www.redhat.com/training/offices.html#DesMoines
> >
> > I'm taking my RHCE next week in Minneapolis. Wish me luck and any
> > advice would be appreciated.
> Good to know that I can get RH training here in DSM - unfortunately my
> employer is unlikely to pay to send me to RH training and I can't
> afford it personally.  I have to go to Chicago to get Cisco training
> (which my employer will pay for, which is good since my primary
> position is maintaining Cisco gear).
> Jeff
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