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Jeff Davis jdavis at geolearning.com
Thu Oct 11 09:52:45 CDT 2007

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rdesktop isn't working either.

I just get:
Autoselected keyboard map en-us
ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

"the RDP channel is encrypted by using 3DES in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode with
  128-bit key length, if the client supports it. Also, a client must use the RDP
  client version 5.2 or a later version to connect."

I suspect the problem is RDP 5.2, and not 3DES-cbc, as I have that
cipher available in my ssh client.  Although I'm not sure if these
rdp clients are using ciphers from the system or their own.

I'm still looking though....
If I get this to work I'll report what I used/did.

- -Jeff

Josh More wrote:
> Try rdesktop.  I'm travelling, otherwise I'd give you a link.  It's
> included in SUSE* and used to be in the rpmforge repos for RedHat*. 
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> ---- Original Message ----
> From: "Jeff Davis" <jdavis at geolearning.com>
> Date: 07-10-10 17:18
> To: "Central Iowa Linux Users Group" <cialug at cialug.org>
> Subj: [Cialug] rdp client
> Does anyone know of an RDP client for linux
> that I can use to RDP into windows boxes
> that are running in FIPS mode?
> (So far I've not been able to get krdc or tsclient
>  to successfully connect on one of these machines.)
> -Jeff
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