[Cialug] Local Red Hat training

Matt Millard gocyclones at eml.cc
Thu Oct 11 01:25:16 CDT 2007

Just thought I'd shoot a note out that Spindustry Training in Des Moines
is hosting some Red Hat training this week.  I think it was RH133 with
the RHCT test on Friday.  I've sent them a note asking for some 400
level courses if possible.  The training is from RH and they are only
renting the room from Spindustry.  I'm hoping to get some of my team
members to finally get some RH training and having it locally will
really help out.


I'm taking my RHCE next week in Minneapolis. Wish me luck and any advice
would be appreciated.

  Matt Millard
  gocyclones at eml.cc

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