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Jason Warden jason at benalto.com
Sun Oct 7 16:00:45 CDT 2007

I just wanted to comment on what my expectations were regarding 'easiest
package management'. I mean free from hassles - first there was rpm hell
(ugh) and more recently there's all these neat repositories - official ones
for 80% of what you do and then 'unofficial' ones to give your computer the
bells and whistles so your family doesn't freak out. Problem I've found is a
lot of these repositories break each
other - I have just installed the latest Fedora, went looking for said
repositories and found the Libvna
and Freshrpms repositories will wreck your yum if you use 'em at the same
time. You could of course only use official and be set but that's in a world
where my mp3 player plays oggs and there's never a .wmv file worth looking
at - not to mention watching a DVD I bought on a computer I own (well, we
all know how this song goes). Anyway, yeah, little hassles.
Oh, but not to leave Fedora on a bad note - it was the first install I've
ever had to do where it didn't have to ask if it got my monitor settings
right. And when I forgot to install KDE and punched up the software manager,
it went right to downloading the latest and greatest, instead of asking me
to put in the install disc. And Fedora's the first one to get it right - it
installed cdrdao instead of cdrecord! (there's another flamewar, sorry).
Anyway hope I don't come across like a Slashdotter. Sorry if I did.


On 10/7/07, Daniel A. Ramaley <daniel.ramaley at drake.edu> wrote:
> On Sunday 07 October 2007 08:50, Nathan Stien wrote:
> >On 10/5/07, Todd Walton <tdwalton at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> "I know this is a flamewar" should mean trigger in anyone's mind
> >> "there truly is no one right answer, it depends on what I want".
> >> And in that case, you'd be best to explain your parameters.
> >
> >A nice thing about this group is that everyone seems to understand the
> >above.  Life is more complicated that slashdot threads would have you
> >believe.
> I think this list has a higher adult to child ratio than Slashdot. And
> of the adults, i think fewer on this list live in their parents'
> basement.
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