[Cialug] RE: OS X Airport setup ? (OT) Sorry

Bill Davis bill.davis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 15:47:38 CDT 2007

Albus -

Can you give me more detail about what you're trying to do?  There's  
no such thing as "OS X Airport".    AirPort is the WiFi basestation  
product line from Apple; there are several models.  They also sell  
AirPort cards (I think; the cards come built into all Macs these  
days, so they may not be purchasable separately except as a service  
part....that's what a friend of mine did to upgrade to WiFi "N" on  
his older MacBook that just supported WiFi A/B/G in fact.)

Are you setting up a non-Mac laptop to access an AirPort  
basestation?   It's just a WiFi basestation so you can access the way  
you would any other company's WiFi basestation.    I can't tell you  
how to do that under Linux, because I don't use Linux (I use OS X for  
my Unixy needs..;-).

Or if you are setting up the WiFi on an Apple laptop, it will help  
you set that up when you first start it up out of the box if there is  
one around.  If not, go to Apple menu in the upper left corner, pull  
down the menu and select "System Preferences".   In the System  
Preferences window that will appear, find and click the "Network"  
icon.   When the Network preferences screen appears, click the  
"Assist Me" button.

Use the online help for more info; after starting your Mac, make sure  
it says "Finder" next to the Apple menu at the upper left corner.   
Pull down the "Help" menu and pick "Mac Help".  In the Mac Help  
window search field in the upper right corner, type "airport" and  
press RETURN.

Also, from the "Popular How-Tos" on Apple' support site  


There are instructions in PDF format provided on the CD that comes  
with the AirPort basestation too, or you can download them from the  
Support section of Apple's web site at www.apple.com/support/manuals/

Let me know if you need further help.   (Or if you're accessing from  
a Linux machine, what you have to do to access it....I plan to set up  
Linux under Virtualization on my Mac some day soon and may need help  

  - Bill

(By the way....it's "Mac" as in "Macintosh" not "MAC" as in Media  
Access Control layer....it's not an acronym like "IBM".  Sorry, pet  
peeve... )

On Oct 5, 2007, at 1:22 PM, albus wrote:

> Do any of the MAC users on the list have a link to a howto set the  
> OS X
> airport up on the laptops?
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