[Cialug] M4P files - drug OT and back

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Thu Oct 4 09:21:02 CDT 2007

yea, I won't buy from iTunes again. Went out and bought the CD's last night so the son can DJ Saturday night at a wedding.

Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.(Itunes)

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Following up what Dave said about "truth in advertising", I won a prize recently at a tradeshow.  The prize was advertised as a "X 
dollars cash!"  after jumping through the required hoops to win it, the VP of marketing for the company informed me that he hadn't 
decided on how to award the prize, and that they were thinking of "A Buy More gift card"  I told him that was of no use to me, and 
that "I prefer that the prize be awarded in US currency, or some other legal tender i.e. CASH", (as was portrayed in the handouts, 
poster boards, and announced loudly to every human that would walk by their booth).  He asked why, and I said something along the 
lines of "exactly".  It would have been a different story (as Dave notes below) if they'd have said upfront an "X amount gift card 
to Buy More!".  It's like the lines of folks signing up to get their chance at a free iPod or iPhone at tradeshows these days.  I 
would have been more apt to just walk by and just shrug.

On the actual thread note, It stinks to high heaven but, if you bought songs from iTunes, chock up the whole experience up as a 
learning experience, and don't repeat.  I'd think twice about doing something you explicitly told Apple you wouldn't do via their 
EULA.  It's just not a good idea to buy DRM encumbered songs, and with the RIAA coming out and saying that ripping your own music 
from CD is the equivalent of stealing(link from slashdot last couple days some VP of something or other inside the RIAA), I just do 
my best to stay away from the junk they're pumping out anyway (yes, I realize that iTunes has more than RIAA "pwned" music) That 
stove is HOT!


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Speaking of iTunes... I was going to watch a "free" movie available from the Wes Anderson "Darjeeling Limited" movie site. To watch 
it, you apparently have to get it from the iTunes store. To create an account, you have to give them a credit card. I guess this is 
a new use of the word "free" I was previously unfamiliar with.

I'm glad all of the FairPlay / Play4Sure (and other oxymoron'd up names) DRM schemes are losing steam. They're worthless.


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