[Cialug] Buying a new pc

Nathan C. Smith nathan.smith at ipmvs.com
Mon Oct 1 08:33:32 CDT 2007


> Word at my office is that Intel is the most Linux friendly graphics
> option. They not only provide a driver, they actually work with the
> open source community. With nVidia, yes, it will work, and work very
> well, but you often need to install it separately after the OS by
> downloading a binary driver from their website. Every time you update
> the kernel, you'll have to re-install the driver.
> If I wanted maximum 3d perf I'd probably get the nVidia, but if I
> wanted a balance of good 3d perf and ease of use I'd do Intel.
I'll second this about Intel.  I have a machine With Intel Video (on
motherboard) and it works very well.  Even got some of those semi-demanding
games people were talking about on the list a few weeks ago running well.  I
had Compiz (fancy graphics) and emerald running on it too.


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