[Cialug] digital cameras

n.d admin at c0wzftp.com
Thu Jun 30 22:44:02 CDT 2005

as long as the card reader works i'm fine with the whole driver thing. 
never been a big fan of the camera<-usb->computer thing. prefer to pull 
stuff straight off the card.

jaybabel at mchsi.com wrote:

>I've had a Canon ZR25 MiniDV camera for over three years.  Been pretty happy
>with it.  It has an SD card for taking stills but we haven't used it for that
>much at all.  I bought it for around $500.
>We have a couple Olympus digital cameras that have worked well.  Our new one is
>the C-60 (6.1 Megapixels).  If you picked up another Kodak comparable in price
>to your dc3400 you will notice the improvement.  I think our C-60 cost about
>$350.  That's about as high as I'd go since they improve so much so quickly. 
>The C-60 uses XD memory and a rechargeable battery (I think the spare cost about
>$50).  If you don't want to spend more than $350 you probably want to consider
>batteries and flash memory cards.  Will you want spares?  I'd also make sure
>there are Linux drivers available - there isn't for our C-60.
>>i'm looking to get a digital camera of some sort to take with me on 
>>"vacation". i'm looking to spend $200-$350 including memory cards, 
>>cases, etc.  i'd like to get a digital video camera (don't know much 
>>about them).  i've had a kodak dc3400 for the last 2 year, which works 
>>great i just want something a bit better for "vacation".
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