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Josh More MoreJ at alliancetechnologies.net
Tue Jun 28 12:25:25 CDT 2005

Knoppix Hacks from O'Reilly will solve most of your problems.

I have found it easier to rebuild a Knoppix CD on debian, though
you can jump through a few more hoops and build it on any distro.

You can do it without the book, but it may take a bit longer.
In a nutshell though, know that a base Knoppix loads an
.html file in Konquerer on boot.  This file is just a regular
file on CD, so you *could* hack the HTML to make konquerer launch
OO.  I think you'd be better off rebuilding the disk though.


 morej at alliancetechnologies.net

>>>adk at 52761.com 06/28/05 11:45 am >>> 
Need some help on this one- 
I need a live linux cd that will boot on power up, run OO Impress, and
load a 
slide show. 
It's for a volunteer group to display a repeating presentation at a
historic grist mill. 
They have volunteers that seem to mess up the hard drive on window box
Have done some googling but not found out how to disassemble a distro, 
add/change it, and then 
burn back to a bootable cd. 
I have looked at Puppy linux, like the idea it loads into ram and does
need a hard drive. 
Any suggestions what I should be search terms I should be using or
Allen Kiddoo 
Muscatine, IA 
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