[Cialug] Re: CIALUG - showing Revolution OS at an Installfest? (fwd)

David Champion dave at dchamp.net
Fri Jun 24 15:49:55 CDT 2005

FYI - we're good to go for airing Revolution OS.


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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 13:14:00 -0700
From: J.T.S. Moore <jtsmoore at revolution-os.com>
To: David Champion <dave at dchamp.net>
Subject: Re: CIALUG - showing Revolution OS at an Installfest?


Thank  you for your interest in REVOLUTION OS.  I apologize for the  
belated reply.  I am happy to give you permission to screen the DVD  
for CIALUG's Installfest.

All I ask is that you or someone from CIALUG purchase (or already  
have purchased) the DVD, e-mail me the time and place of the  
screening, and if possible e-mail me a link to a webpage announcing  
the screening.

Good luck with the screening.

Best Wishes,

J.T.S. Moore

On Jun 3, 2005, at 3:43 PM, David Champion wrote:

I'm the President of CIALUG - http://www.cialug.org - we have a  
OS DVD, and love the movie!

We're putting together a proposal to possibly do a Linux Installfest at
the new Science Center of Iowa facility that just opened up... they  
have a
really nice IMAX theater there.


We were wondering what kind of arrangement could be made to allow us to
show the movie as part of the Installfest - if we could show it at no
charge, or if you would need us (or the Science Center) to collect a  


David Champion
President, CIALUG
dave at dchamp.net

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