[Cialug] The end draws near for the Alienware Saga.

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Thu Jun 23 18:10:35 CDT 2005

So if for some reason you didn't hear I've been trying to return the
WindowsXP Home license that came with my new alienware notebook.
Plot details, background info and computer configuration howto @

Well the end is here.  After only 9 days of emails and phonecalls, I've
settled up with Alienware and I'm calling it a draw.

Thier legal department has decided that they will *not* be allowing me
to return the OS, and that decision is final save I hire a lawyer and
take it to court.
However, the "Critical issues department" of Alienware offered up 75$
worth of gift certificates from Amazon to settle this issue.

So in summary, I'm stuck with this license, and 75 dollars of gift
certificates.  I'd call that a draw.

Theron Conrey

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