[Cialug] Computer show?

Don Cady donc5 at mchsi.com
Thu Jun 23 01:01:48 CDT 2005

responses line-
>secondary locations were discussed as well during the meeting.  Is the 
>intent that since we can't get the science center that now we're >wanting 
>to change what we had planned altogether?
No. In fact, look at the posting times. I didn't know that news yet.
David C. had said the following:
>>> I have given invites / flyers to other groups like CIACUG in the past,
>>> but haven't seen much response from them (other than the few crossover
>>> members we have). But I think we should keep trying.
>>> Maybe I should "practise what I preach" and we could volunteer to do a
>>> Linux presentation at a CIACUG meeting.
So I checked with them to see what dates they had available. August 9th is 
available. I was just putting that out there, in case someone (maybe even a 
couple people tag-teaming ?!?) is willing to give a full presentation to 
them. This has the added positive effect of pre-seeding a few to come to the 
installfest a couple weeks later. I was _not_ bringing up alternate dates 
for the installfest.


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