[Cialug] Computer show?

Don Cady donc5 at mchsi.com
Wed Jun 22 20:13:30 CDT 2005

essentially???........or adjunctly? The vibe I got from Hotka was the users
groups were being used as filler in between paying booths. I, and maybe
others on this list, have been involved with similar happenings before.
After using the sweat equity of the group to bring in more people, they may
be pushed aside for paying vendors.

I, for one, agree with David. We meet 12 times a year minimum (alot more 
often lately). It would not
have taken much commitment to show up for 5 minutes and describe to us what
he had planned for the day, and what he wanted from us. Maybe even stretch
it to 10 min. and get us fired up about what he was doing. Then he could
leave, back to his super busy schedule. There is no law that says you have
to stay all night. This group is already full of zealous linux users willing
to help their fellow man (or woman, sorry Elizabeth).
If he wanted user group participation he could have done a pinch more than 
sending the same release he sent everyone else.


> This was essentially what the Iowa Training Days was all about when it was
> held in April.
> The turnout from the various user groups that participated was
> pathetic...IMHO.  Trying to get people to provide presentations was also
> very hard.
> johnl
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> [Cialug] Computer show?
> Thinking bigger now:
> If the Science Center doesn't go for the Linux Installfest
> idea at their facility, I was thinking of pitching a grander
> plan: An Educational Computer Show.
> Idea:
> 1. Invite local user groups to come. Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD,
> anyone I've forgotten.
> 2. Have presentations by each.
> 3. Computers set up for Kids and Adults to play with.
> 4. Each group mans their area to education and assist.
> 5. All day or All weekend event.
> We will probably have to think a year or so in the future, and
> still plan our usual Installfest for this year.
> I may pitch the idea even if they allow our Installfest.
> What do you think?
> -- 
> Kevin C. Smith 

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