[Cialug] OT-sorta: Theo De Raadt & Christos Zoulas

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Mon Jun 20 10:12:00 CDT 2005

I wouldn't use the word "assness" as it has no meaning.  Pompous and egomanical, are words I'd use to describe Theo.  I also disagree with the comment about openBSD being a pointless OS without understanding him.  I have used and enjoyed OpenBSD for it's technical merits.  I've run OpenBSD, and out of all of the "BSD family" the OpenBSD is by far my favorite.  I understand his attitude, and I choose to disagree with it.  What else would a proponent of an OS say about the compitition?  "I make software Y, and Software X isn't as good as software Y, let me tell you!!"  What he says is drowned out by the way in which he does it. i.e. pompous, egomanical, etc. etc.

Oh ya, and although it costs nothing, it's not free software.
Theron Conrey  

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I didn't find these articles that insightful and valuable.  Yes, Theo is 
an "ass" but if he was not then OpenBSD would be a pointless OS. 
OpenBSD is not for the masses.  I'd say it's for very few people who 
appreciates the "assness" about it.

In other words if you don't understand Theo's attitude, than OpenBSD 
isn't for you.  If you do, it might be of interest (but not necessarily is).

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