[Cialug] Followup to previous Vidalinux Post

Alan Maupin alan.maupin at mchsi.com
Sat Jun 18 13:48:37 CDT 2005

VLOS 1.2 release date is August 1, 2005


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VLOS 1.2 main features:

*	Gnome-2.10 
*	KDE-3.4.0 
*	Kernel 2.6.11 
*	Bug fixes and security updates 
*	Reworked anaconda installer with new features 
*	Two CDs installation 
*	New portage GUI application with lot of new features 
*	New artwork and logos 
*	PPC platform support 
*	3D accelelators drivers installed by default (Ati, Nvidia) 
*	New binaries repositories and VLOS rsync server 

More wireless friendly than other releases



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