[Cialug] OT-sorta: Theo De Raadt & Christos Zoulas

Nathaniel Petersen major.stubble at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 19:41:00 CDT 2005

This is the first time that I have actually read a fair interview with
Christos Zoulas.  The last interview that I read was about four years
ago by C|Net that (for me, at least) completely missed the point of
NetBSD.  Even this interview was still too GNU/Linux based.

Theo de Raadt was the whole reason I swore off BSD in the first place
(at the time, OpenBSD was much more vocal than Net and Free -
<sarcasm> Gee, can't imagine why? </sarcasm>)  Frankly, he sounds like
a spoiled child who wants everyone to play by his rules, or he'll take
his ball home.  I appreciate the inroads that he has made with
OpenBSD, but frankly, the bridges he has burned in the process
astounds me.

One quote still stands out to me:

"Linux has far too many filesystems and each distribution is promoting
a different one (for political reasons mostly, not because of
technical merit)."  --Christos Zoulas

This, and many other comments made by Christos were accurate and fair.
 However, I think that the Rat...er...I mean de Raadt should listen
carefully to this comment.  In the end, should OpenBSD face its end, I
am confident it will be because of 'political reasons.'

That being said, I'm thinking that I might give NetBSD another try in
the near future.  I don't want to lose all of my UNIX skills.


On 6/17/05, Chris Hilton <chris129 at cs.iastate.edu> wrote:
> I have strong opinions.  But I like to think I can maintain a respect
> for other people's ideas/work/opinions.  So I try  not to call them
> names or discredit them (unless they're the President/Owner of a Billion
> Dollar company -- I gotta have some fun!) :).  But that's just what I
> like to think I suppose.
> On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 16:40 -0500, Nathan C. Smith wrote:
> > Theo has strong opinions.  Part of the reason he has his own *BSD sandbox.
> >
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> > Did anyone catch this "interview" on forbes?
> > http://www.forbes.com/intelligentinfrastructure/2005/06/16/linux-bsd-unix-cz
> > _dl_0616theo.html
> >
> > I thought it was really bad.  I didn't realize De Raadt was so, well I can't
> > describe him politely.
> >
> > This one was a lot better, Zoulas seems like a very intelligent well-rounded
> > guy: http://os.newsforge.com/os/05/06/09/2132233.shtml?tid=152&tid=8&tid=2
> >
> >
> > I'm not sure how "off-topic" this is cause it's about Linux but it's
> > political.  I just wondered what the local consensus would be on these
> > comments.
> >
> > My opinion is that De Raadt is far too Brooksian and schizmatic (tries to
> > break up groups when it's really unnecessary over stupid crap) for my
> > tastes.  I'm sure those 60 developers are very talented but frankly they're
> > still only 60 humans (presumably 25% or more even have lives!).
> >
> > That's just my initial reaction!  Well, actually my first reaction was:
> > "Never using his software, I'd hate to ask him/people-like-him for a favor!"
> >
> > Maybe he's been ripped out of context, is making a joke, or his wife just
> > died?!
> >
> > --Chris
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