[Cialug] Theron's AlienWare Saga

Don Cady donc5 at mchsi.com
Fri Jun 17 14:02:40 CDT 2005

And the thing is, of those three, most tech-wise people would only be 
surprised by #6. After years of the EULAs expanding, they usually know the 
other two. The typical person pauses, _maybe_ reads it, takes a big gulp, 
and accepts it. It's the "Well, I don't have any other choice, so I'll 
accept it." mentality that we're fighting here.
FLOSS is about choice!
Long live FLOSS!
(sorry, I'm preaching to the choir here. I got a little carried away.)


> just a few of the scary parts from the XP Home EULA:
> 3. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS AND OWNERSHIP. Microsoft reserves all rights not 
> expressly granted to you in this EULA. The Software is protected by 
> copyright and other intellectual property laws and treaties. Microsoft or 
> its suppliers own the title, copyright, and other intellectual property 
> rights in the Software. The Software is licensed, not sold.
> 6. CONSENT TO USE OF DATA. You agree that Microsoft and its affiliates may 
> collect and use technical information gathered as part of the product 
> support services provided to you, if any, related to the Software. 
> Microsoft may use this information solely to improve our products or to 
> provide customized services or technologies to you and will not disclose 
> this information in a form that personally identifies you.
> 14. TERMINATION. Without prejudice to any other rights, Microsoft may 
> terminate this EULA if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of 
> this EULA. In such event, you must destroy all copies of the Software and 
> all of its component parts.
> Theron
> Theron Conrey wrote:
>> I assumed that because you are an upstanding citizen you don't use 
>> illegal software.  If you got a new laptop from a store, I'd be surprised 
>> that it just booted up without having you agree to the EULA first.  If it 
>> was used then I'm not surprised.  However, by using it you are still 
>> subject to it.
>> Here's the EULA for XP Pro.
>> http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/eula.mspx
>> Theron 

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