[Cialug] Theron's AlienWare Saga

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Thu Jun 16 16:07:47 CDT 2005

Not legally. It's licensed to go with the hardware. Some OEM's like Dell 
have the Windows install CD keyed to only work on Dell hardware.

Of course, with Dell you can order systems with no OS right on their web 
site, so this isn't even a problem to start with.


n.d wrote:
> if it comes down to it couldn't you just sell the windows cd on ebay?
> Theron Conrey wrote:
>> also posted email sent starting the paper trail at the request of the 
>> AG :)
>> Theron
>> Kenneth Ristau wrote:
>>> If you haven't had a chance, check out Thereon's very good site
>>> detailing the troubles AlienWare is giving him.
>>> http://www.conrey.org/alien
>>> After reading that, you may want to check out their "Mission 
>>> Statement" at:
>>> http://www.alienware.com/sub_pages/company_info_vision.aspx
>>> It doesn't sound to me like they are honoring their own values, such as:
>>> Under "Innovation"
>>> - Take informed risks as port of the creative thinking process.
>>> - Challenge the status quo.
>>> Under "Service"
>>> - Understand and meet customers' needs with patience.
>>> Under "Communication"
>>> - Clearly communicate intentions and expectations to your customers and
>>> co-workers.
>>> Under "Performance"
>>> - Perform work with uncompromising ethics
>>> I especially like that last one, but they are all good.  Check them out.
>>> later,
>>> kristau

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