[Cialug] Electronic carillon help

Josh More MoreJ at alliancetechnologies.net
Thu Jun 16 10:02:22 CDT 2005

If it were up to me, I would write up a quick and dirty cgi/php file,
set the linux machine to run in kiosk mode with a web browser set load
the page, and do a server push every minute to update a clock.

As far as playing goes, just have code in the cgi that runs a command
of 'play filename.ext'.

This is very similiar to what I did last year to make a web-based
kiosk for a convention that spoke the current and upcoming events
via text to speech.  We had a few blind attendees that year.


 morej at alliancetechnologies.net

>>>adk at 52761.com 06/16/05 9:24 am >>> 
Our local group needs to build an electronic carillon. 
We use space donated by a church and do projects to pay the rent. 
We need a linux based package that will chime on the hour and 
play one song at noon or any other time requested. Hourly chime 
and songs could be mp3 but we need some simple, friendly, interface 
to fire it off at the right time. 
I have googled for hours and found a couple of winder programs 
but I don't want to rely on Bill Gates. 
Any thoughts or suggestions- they want a demo July 11th. 
Allen Kiddoo 
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