[Cialug] Step right up and place your bets.

Don Cady donc5 at mchsi.com
Wed Jun 15 18:16:13 CDT 2005

This might be interesting, as Mr. Tom Miller was one of the first to jump on 
the MS anti-trust bandwagon, only to settle with MS later.
Keep us aprised, will ya?


> http://www.conrey.org/alien/
> I of course will not be participating as I'm spearheading this operation, 
> however if you're so inclined this would make for one hell of a pool.  I 
> need some odds, and as so that everyone knows this may not be the first 
> time that I've done this, however it is the first time I've done it with 
> this paticular company.  The public fear of humiliation is a driving 
> factor for success at this point as well.......
> Theron 

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