[Cialug] Noise

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Tue Jun 14 11:15:39 CDT 2005

You forgot:

g) Rackmount screwed to the door and / or frame = vibration noise.

Rackmount servers have very high rpm fans. That vibrate a lot.

Probably depends a lot on your house construction...

I have one of those fans (not the computer fan type) that's on a stand 
with blades about the size of your average home box fan. It has little 
foam rubber feet on it, and I usually have it on a hardwood floor. It's 
amazing how much vibration noise it makes. When you're right next to it, 
it's not bad at all. In other rooms, it's quite loud.

I have my server in the basement. It's cool down there, and you can't 
hear it. Not that I could hear it over my danged Shuttle XPC's fan 
anyway. :(


Dave J. Hala Jr. wrote:
> Suppose that you had a couple of rack mount servers in your home office.
> What if you cut a hole in a closet door and screwed a rack mount frame
> onto the door and then you modified a cold air return in the closet to
> vent the hot air from the servers away. Would the result be:
> a) the noise and heat from servers would be considerably less
> b) the noise would be about the same and the heat less
> c) the noise would echo through the house via the cold air return
> d) the wife would freak
> e) some one asks why you just didn't put the servers in the basement in
> the laundry room and ssh into them as needed.
> f) You win the geek of year award
> What else are people doing with their home offices? In my current home
> office, I'm using a network of 3 pcs. The heat was a problem until I
> added a second cold air return near the cieling. Now the room
> temperature is consistent with the rest of the house.
> I'm about to move into a new house and at that time I'd like to switch
> over to using the servers and ditch the pc's, but the noise is a huge
> issue. I'd also rather not have to remove/change or slow the speed of
> any of the fans in the servers.
> :) Dave

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