[Cialug] best supported/performing Ethernet adapter?

David Champion dave at visionary.com
Mon Jun 13 11:26:50 CDT 2005

Realtek chips aren't as bad as they used to be... but I would get 
something better for a server.

I haven't seen anything recently, but the Netgear Gigabit-over-copper 
cards were supposed to be about the fastest available, and only cost 
about $30.

The only "name brand" cards I really don't like are 3com... mostly 
because of the crappy and over priced later generation 3c905 cards. The 
3c595 cards were rock-solid, after that they went down hill.


Nathan C. Smith wrote:
> Realtek does OK until you pound on it with something like video+file
> transfers.
> Does Intel write/contribute their own Linux driver?
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>>I think it is a true statement that not all Ethernet cards and their
> drivers
>>are equal.  My sense is that the inexpensive realtek and VINE chips/cards
>>depend more on well-written drivers than intelligence built into the
>>chips/cards.  Can anyone recommend a well-performing 100 megabit card with
>>good Linux support?  Are 3Com and Intel cards good choices?
> Intel seems to be the best for: 
> - performance 
> - multiple OS support 
> - leading edge features like jumbo packet, VLAN, QOS 
> We use a lot of their 1000G dual fiber and dual copper server cards with
> Linux.  They also seem to regularly update their driver several times per
> year for bug fixes and improvements. 
> You get what you pay for...all will pass ethernet packets around, but you
> pay more money to get higher performance, better drivers, leading edge
> features.  I use Realteks at home since I need some to just pass packets.

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