[Cialug] best supported/performing Ethernet adapter?

Dan Hockey icepuck2k at mchsi.com
Sat Jun 11 22:35:42 CDT 2005

Nathan C. Smith wrote:

>I think it is a true statement that not all Ethernet cards and their drivers
>are equal.  My sense is that the inexpensive realtek and VINE chips/cards
>depend more on well-written drivers than intelligence built into the
>chips/cards.  Can anyone recommend a well-performing 100 megabit card with
>good Linux support?  Are 3Com and Intel cards good choices?
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3com is the only nic I've used and haven't had any problems in linux. 
Linksys will work but it took a little work to find the right driver. so 
far those are the brands I've used.

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