[Cialug] MythTV front-end hauppauge MediaMVP

Dave Weis djweis at internetsolver.com
Wed Jun 8 13:25:12 CDT 2005

The PVR-250 is the card to get for MythTV correct?

Amazon has a bundle of the MVP and the PVR card for $212.78.


Nathan C. Smith wrote:
> Hauppauge makes a product called the MediaMVP that has some memory, video,
> Ethernet and a PowerPC chip in it.  It is designed to boot off your Windows
> machine using TFTP and show media and videos on the system it booted from.
> It has been hacked and it makes a decent front-end to MythTV.
> Here is the project page.
> http://mvpmc.sourceforge.net/idx.php?pg=main
> I got it running and it isn't perfect, doesn't have all of MythTV's
> features, but it can play recorded shows.  Neat stuff.  The hardest part
> about getting it going was configuring DHCP on Linux, I can't believe I
> waited so long.  Text files rock.
> Anyway, check it out if you are using Myth and you are interested in a
> simple tiny frontend.
> -Nate
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