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Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Wed Jun 8 11:37:28 CDT 2005

Excellent points. 1st I play games on linux, and as it stands to get the 
3d rendering I "want" to make games work I use the company that built 
the hardware's driver. Do I like it. No. Hypocritical. yes. Do I wish it 
was different. Sure. But as noted I do have the ability to remove that 
driver and use a free version of that driver.

I agree that Apple provides a platform that has helped show more people 
open source applications. Windows provides a platform for that as well 
i.e. openoffice, firefox, gimp, and gaim for windows.

Working everyday with Solaris I'm a big fan of just getting the job done 
as well, as I stress less when the job gets done, I just "prefer" 
getting it done with free software, and sharing that knowledge. He did 
ask. No flag waving just facts.

"btw - I refuse to pre-pend GNU to every mention of Linux." I never 
would ask you too. :)


Bryan Baker wrote:

> While you're being that rabid about it, you might as well un-install 
> that nasty proprietary nVidia driver you know so much about getting 
> going on debian systems.
> ;-) I mean if it's proprietary it must be polluting that nice little 
> FSF cocoon you've woven yourself.
> I've preached the four freedoms myself and while I agree the 
> "movement" is noble sometimes you just need to get stuff done. I find 
> OSX and Apple's current regime to be a comfortable middle ground that 
> is helping to introduce Open Source (and quite a bit of Free) software 
> to a wider audience than our basements - to people who just want to 
> get stuff done. If you don't believe that Apple is playing nice, I'd 
> suggest looking over this page, and the fairly extensive list of 
> projects that they've opened up to the community. 
> http://developer.apple.com/darwin/ Many of these were internal 
> projects that they had NO obligation to share - Darwin Streaming 
> Server, ZeroConf, etc.
> Fanaticism: that's always the problem I end up having w/ the "pure" 
> FSF flag wavers is that they end up sounding like rabid street 
> preachers after a while, everybody just ignores them and goes on their 
> way. I respect that others want to remain "pure" but please stop 
> waving the GNU flag in my face. btw - I refuse to pre-pend GNU to 
> every mention of Linux.
> Sorry if this is coming off a little touchy, but I'm getting tired of 
> getting preached at, believe it or not I'm already in the choir.
> On Jun 8, 2005, at 10:45 AM, Theron Conrey wrote:
>> "Beside, a proprietary OS that can give me a real terminal window 
>> can't be all that bad, can it?"
>> Yes. Yes it can.
>> Theron
>> Tony Bibbs wrote:
>>> I disagree. I'm still longing for an OS that has then flexibility of 
>>> linux with the sort of driver support found in windows.. OSX is 
>>> quickly becoming the middle ground.
>>> I'm guessing quite a few on this list would agree given all the Mac 
>>> laptops I saw at the last (and only) LUG meeting I attended this year.
>>> Beside, a proprietary OS that can give me a real terminal window 
>>> can't be all that bad, can it?
>>> --Tony
>>> Theron Conrey wrote:
>>>> From a hardware perspective it's pretty interesting stuff but,
>>>> no matter what happens the situation remains the same.
>>>> OSX still isn't free, so the impact (hoepfully) will be minimal at 
>>>> best.
>>>> Theron
>>>> D. Joe Anderson wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 10:35:02PM -0500, Bryan Baker wrote:
>>>>>> On Jun 7, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Nathan C. Smith wrote:
>>>>>>> So here's a stupid question - what kind of thing will keep me
>>>>>>> from buying Mac OS and slapping it on any Intel box? I
>>>>>>> thought all the stuff that used to be in ROM no longer was. What 
>>>>>>> will distinguish an Apple from any other machine?
>>>>>> I'm betting they will have a hand at least in the mobo design, 
>>>>>> they do a bunch of their own ASICs, etc. and they have been using 
>>>>>> OpenFirmware - not BIOS, but that may change now, but I bet 
>>>>>> there'll be other diff's - that said I give it a couple weeks 
>>>>>> before someone comes out w/ a hack, but you can bet it won't get 
>>>>>> support.
>>>>> That, and what this guy said (after you skip down past all the
>>>>> license flamewar cruft) in
>>>>> http://zgp.org/pipermail/linux-elitists/2005-June/011207.html
>>>>> Mac OS X's demographic is precisely the opposite of those
>>>>> with enough technical skill to hack and/or patch enough of
>>>>> their operating system to make it run on non-Apple hardware. Even 
>>>>> if someone managed to make that work, and found a way
>>>>> to hack in driver support, either through some Rube Goldberg
>>>>> linux-driver-wrapper horseshit or other, it wouldn't be
>>>>> terribly useful to terribly many people who leave their
>>>>> basement on a regular basis.
>>>>> The "not [...] terribly many people" who would be interested in
>>>>> doing this are pretty much the Mac fans who inhabit Linux and
>>>>> other free OS mailing lists like this one--a minority of a
>>>>> minority. Heck, I figure I probably know the majority of these
>>>>> people who live in Iowa ;-)
>>>>> ie, not enough to affect their market significantly.
>>>>> outside of this, the Mac customers are either going to be the
>>>>> ricer-wannabees who might think the hack is cool, but who don't
>>>>> have the time/skill/whatever to actually apply it, and the
>>>>> people like the ones Valentine mentions above, who want their
>>>>> sealed-box to Just Work, they don't care how, and you can't make
>>>>> them care. The main thing is that someone who does care, and who 
>>>>> does have
>>>>> the skill to apply the hacks isn't going to be able to hang out
>>>>> a shingle and go into business selling beige boxes that have
>>>>> been Macified. The Clone Wars have already been fought, we know
>>>>> how that turned out, and that was before the DMCA.
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