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> It is hard to imagine productive multitasking on one of those old 
> but I'm sure a lot of work got done.  My first real introduction to unix 
> on a 386, after that I thought it was really lame that 20 people could 
use a
> 386 running unix but only one person could use it running DOS/Windows.
> Was the Tandy machine the CoCo or some other machine?

The Tandy 16B ran XENIX.  It was a multi-user business computer. 2 x 8" 
floppies, 5-10G HD, Motorola 68010 CPU.

The Coco ran straight BASIC in ROM or OS-9 Level I/II (developed in Des 
Moines by Microware!).  We still have a couple of Coco early prototype 
which were used for development/porting purposes.   Here are some pictures 
if you are interested:

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