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Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Wed Jun 8 11:15:19 CDT 2005

I have paid for it.  Donations to developers and paid-for boxes of Redhat,
Suze, Mandrake and even Lindows at one time or another.

At some point everyone sells out.  If you want it for free you've got to do
something for it.  Evangelize, document, program, test, give back, or

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Would you use Linux if it wasn't free software?
I savor my freedoms and would have to say no, I'd have to look 
elsewhere.  Without that activism, Linux wouldn't exist today.  Free 
software is what brought us to where we are today with Linux.  The 
kernel is free.  The tools that developers use are free.  Look at 
Linus's decision to use a nonfree product (BitKeeper) and the problems 
that arose from there.  Corp Greed is nessesary for a corp to survive.  
Companies have to make money.  The more development that moves out of 
the free environment the less that you or I could fix or adjust.  
Hobbyists / Developers cannot develop and improve what the can't see.    
Whatever your answer to the question above is your choice and I think 
it's fine.  However how many freedoms/rights would you be willing to 
lose for the sake of convienence?

As for the flaming bag of XPoo.  I had it removed.


Nathan C. Smith wrote:

>Dude, did you get bit by RMS?  You are starting to seem a bit 
>Did somebody leave some flaming Windows on your porch?  ;-)
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>I'd pay for OSX installed on great hardware if it was free software. 
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