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Wed Jun 8 10:14:49 CDT 2005

cialug-bounces at cialug.org wrote on 06/08/2005 09:57:53 AM:

> MS had a Unix clone back then too didn't they?  I had a friend, 
> whose dad had an ATT machine running it who used to log into a BBS 
> from time to time.

Not a clone.  MS worked on porting AT&T System III UNIX to Intel cpus.
It was called XENIX.  You could run multi-user UNIX on 8086, 80186, 80286, 
Eventually they sold the stuff to SCO.  IE: SCO XENIX

It is amazing to see 3 users running XENIX on an Altos computer on a 8086 
Tandy also used XENIX on their 16B computers which ran on 68000

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