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Dave J. Hala Jr. dave at 58ghz.net
Wed Jun 8 09:00:46 CDT 2005

For me, the thing with Apple is about the OS and the aesthetics, not the
cpu.  Yeah, Power CPU's are cool and AMD 64's rock. But at the end of
the day, its really about getting the job done.  I think that's really
what the mac is about.

As far as the DRM issue goes, I'm against it, but at the moment its very
unlikely that I'll have the time or the energy to try and change it. So,
again, for me, its really water under bridge, and I'm back to, "will it
get the job done?" The answer is a yes. If I can get it done with a
little "style" then that's a bonus.

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 08:40, Lee wrote:
> Nathan C. Smith wrote:
> >Anyone else wish Apple had partnered with AMD instead of Intel?
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> Exactly what can AMD offer in terms of a better "road map" than Intel? I 
> don't think it makes any sense for Apple to go with anyone short of the 
> market leader. AMD puts out a great product but the share Apple provides 
> would not keep them in business. So what happens if AMD's core business 
> loses steam? Apple could find themselves in another scenario with a 
> supplier who can't keep up in spec for spec or supply. Now for things I 
> would have liked to see... Possibly Apple acquiring AMD. Though not a 
> realistic prospect either.
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