[Cialug] Debian 3.1 Sarge is Released

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Tue Jun 7 07:41:41 CDT 2005

I gotta say Barry's on point.  the net install disk is only ~150 megs 
and after the initial setup and declining any type of package selection 
I'm only an apt-get update && apt-get install x-window-system-core gdm 
gnome-core synaptic mozilla-firefox mozilla-thunderbird 
gnome-volume-manager xchat totem beep-media-player away from a usable 
"base" system.  everything else I need  can be added later.  This at 
least gets me "reconnected"  Later I usually do the gimp gtkam gthumb 
etc. for grapic and photo use. and a few other things.

Knoppix comes with alot of stuff.  But if you downloaded the inital disk 
(disk 1) of the inital installer (debian) and have internet access you 
can after getting to your desktop (or before you CLI goons) and add 
internet repositories easily so that you won't need the extra cd's,  but 
if you are going to do that, just use the netinstall anyway.  Either way 
(all three actually) work it just boils down to how someone *likes* to 
do it. 


D. Joe Anderson wrote:

>On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 11:01:07PM -0500, Alan Maupin wrote:
>>Why are there 14 CD images?  
>Because sarge is the biggest freedom-loving chunk of software
>released this way ever.  
>14 CDs just gets you the binaries for one architecture.  You'd
>need a whole heck of a lot more than that for all the
>architectures and the source.  Thatsa lotta software.
>>Are all of these necessary?
>Necessary for what?  For whom?
>If you "need" a package that's on disk 12, or whatever, and CDs
>are the only way you have to get it, then yes, you need disk 12. 
>Ditto all the other disks.
>If you've got a net connection, then no, you don't need all of
>them.  Installing from CD is handy to start with, but disk 1
>will get a running system capable of using your net connection
>to install other packages.  I've seen someone claim that most
>people will at most want the stuff that's on up to about the
>first 3 CDs.  But, like most things, "it depends".
>In fact, if you've got just about any kind of a bootable Linux
>live CD (eg KNOPPIX) and a net connection, that's all you need. 
>You could do a chroot install using debootstrap and never use
>one of the Debian install CDs.  
>This is growing to be my favorite way to do an install, both
>because I got bored with tracking down and burning the latest
>testing install CD and because, well, it's sort of fun and
>interesting to see how well I can get it setup right the first
>time before trying the reboot.  I generally get tripped up
>somewhere, like editing /etc/mkinitrd.conf, or forgetting I need
>an /etc/fstab, or forgetting to mkdir a mountpoint for /proc. 
>The last time I did this, I was still learning how to install
>and use grub, so there were some issues there.  But if it's your
>Nth install, it's a great exercise.  I wouldn't recommend it for
>your first install, or for doing on your only machine.
>It all depends on what your needs and situation are.

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