[Cialug] Domain registrar recommendation for .us domain

Bailey, Jonathan C bailj0 at bp.com
Mon Jun 6 16:03:51 CDT 2005

Last I checked, GoDaddy was only ~$6/yr. That is as long as you can put up with all of the ads they throw at you during the purchase...


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I need to renew my .us domain.  I've been unhappy with the current 
registrar Total Registration (totalregistration.com) since their 
interface didn't worked well when I changed domain name servers.

Gandi (gandi.net), the domain registrar I use for all my other domains 
provides excellent services but unfortunately they don't support .us 

I'm hoping to find a reputable registrar for around $12/year that is 
reliable and has a good interface to manage the registration information 
including DNS server IPs.  Any recommendation?

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