[Cialug] Computer show?

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Mon Jun 6 14:08:00 CDT 2005

I think that the tweakfest is a great idea.  I in no way intended to 
infer that it was the first time any of us have done this, and I know 
that the CIALUG installfests have gone well,  I just feel that it's 
getting time to get our hands dirty and work on the details for this 
one.   I'd love to  see this work anywhere, however *If* we can get 
something layed on downtown espec. the new science center it *may* draw 
more folks.

- Theron

David Champion wrote:

> FYI... we *have* done successful Installfests in the pasts, so it's 
> not like we (collectively) have no idea how to do this. The most 
> recent event was a flop, mostly due to a lack of planning & promotion.
> Some of the past events at the former Computer Learning Center, the 
> one at the Urbandale Library, and the one at the Nevln Center were all 
> well attended and we did a lot of installs.
> The topics Theron mentions are all points that need to be addressed. I 
> don't know that we need to devote a lot of the LUG meeting time to 
> this, I would like to see a committee with one (or more) persons 
> assigned to each of these tasks.
> One area I would like to see is a "Tweakfest" where we can have people 
> bring in their existing Linux system and have us help them with issues 
> they may be having, getting them updated and such. I think there are a 
> lot of casual Linux users out there who are past the stage of needing 
> help with installation, but aren't fully comfortable with some 
> advanced configuration.
> For the alternate location, I would suggest the Nevlyn Center in 
> Ankeny - as I mentioned we've done events there in the past, and it's 
> a great facility.
> I'd also like to see us re-implement the web sign-up form. It's a 
> great way to collect information from users on what kind of hardware 
> they're installing on, what distro they want, and gets them prepped by 
> telling them to defrag & have enough free disk space to install.
> -dc
> Theron Conrey wrote:
>> I think that to get this done correctly we need to do a couple of 
>> things.
>> The first thing that we need to do is focus strickly on the 
>> Installfest.  I think that turnout and participation for a great 
>> installfest will in turn help generate participation by other groups 
>> for a "computer show" in the future.  I believe that this was the 
>> initial intent.
>> In order to hold and have a great Installfest here are the list of 
>> items that need to be divied up and we need to ensure that they are 
>> all meshed together tightly.
>>    1.  Coordination Team
>>          Keep all the teams moving in the right direction and 
>> communicating.
>>    2.  Location and Setup
>>         Possible that we use the Science Center ..... We are still 
>> waiting for this to be addressed I believe that if this moves forward 
>> in the science center we will be at the mercy of thier schedule for 
>> when the Installfest will occur.  Not an issue just something that 
>> needs to be addressed.  In case we can't lay on the science center we 
>> need to brainstorm alternate locations, and have some people assigned 
>> to getting the entiretly of our location and date nailed down.
>>    3.  Marketing
>>       Prob. the single most important task.  We need to get a team 
>> that can get a poster designed, produced and slathered on every 
>> window / thumb board in the Greater DSM west DSM Ames Ankeny etc. area.
>>    4.  Presentations
>>         Who's saying what.
>>    5.  Install Team
>>          It sounds silly but we'll need to get an idea of how many 
>> folks will be there helping install Linux.  Part of this also 
>> includes something slightly greater than bring whatever distros you 
>> want.  We need to figure out what we intend to be doing there.
>> I'm not suggesting that we limit folks to one group.  I hope actually 
>> that folks will want to help out in multiple groups we just need to 
>> get some organization laid on for this thing.......
>> Theron
>> This ought to be a topic for the next LUG mtg and probally deserves 
>> some coordination time of it's own, even if it's just IRC time some 
>> evenings.
>> Nathan C. Smith wrote:
>>> CIALUG would be a good place to start honing the presentation.
>>> -Nate
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>>> I don't think this is a bad idea per se... but IMHO we should 
>>> concentrate on just doing a good Installfest.
>>> I have given invites / flyers to other groups like CIACUG in the 
>>> past, but haven't seen much response from them (other than the few 
>>> crossover members we have). But I think we should keep trying.
>>> Maybe I should "practise what I preach" and we could volunteer to do 
>>> a Linux presentation at a CIACUG meeting.
>>> -dc
>>> Kevin C. Smith wrote:
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