[Cialug] Computer show?

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Mon Jun 6 12:49:33 CDT 2005

I think that to get this done correctly we need to do a couple of things.
The first thing that we need to do is focus strickly on the 
Installfest.  I think that turnout and participation for a great 
installfest will in turn help generate participation by other groups for 
a "computer show" in the future.  I believe that this was the initial 

In order to hold and have a great Installfest here are the list of items 
that need to be divied up and we need to ensure that they are all meshed 
together tightly.

    1.  Coordination Team
          Keep all the teams moving in the right direction and 

    2.  Location and Setup
         Possible that we use the Science Center ..... We are still 
waiting for this to be addressed I believe that if this moves forward in 
the science center we will be at the mercy of thier schedule for when 
the Installfest will occur.  Not an issue just something that needs to 
be addressed.  In case we can't lay on the science center we need to 
brainstorm alternate locations, and have some people assigned to getting 
the entiretly of our location and date nailed down.

    3.  Marketing
       Prob. the single most important task.  We need to get a team that 
can get a poster designed, produced and slathered on every window / 
thumb board in the Greater DSM west DSM Ames Ankeny etc. area.

    4.  Presentations
         Who's saying what. 

    5.  Install Team
          It sounds silly but we'll need to get an idea of how many 
folks will be there helping install Linux.  Part of this also includes 
something slightly greater than bring whatever distros you want.  We 
need to figure out what we intend to be doing there.

I'm not suggesting that we limit folks to one group.  I hope actually 
that folks will want to help out in multiple groups we just need to get 
some organization laid on for this thing.......


This ought to be a topic for the next LUG mtg and probally deserves some 
coordination time of it's own, even if it's just IRC time some evenings.

Nathan C. Smith wrote:

>CIALUG would be a good place to start honing the presentation.
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>I don't think this is a bad idea per se... but IMHO we should 
>concentrate on just doing a good Installfest.
>I have given invites / flyers to other groups like CIACUG in the past, 
>but haven't seen much response from them (other than the few crossover 
>members we have). But I think we should keep trying.
>Maybe I should "practise what I preach" and we could volunteer to do a 
>Linux presentation at a CIACUG meeting.
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