[Cialug] Installfest thought

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Sat Jun 4 23:05:48 CDT 2005

Kevin C. Smith wrote:
 >>From cialug.org front page:
> Who are we?
> A Group of Free *nix Enthusiasts that live in Central Iowa. 

OK, point taken. *wipes egg from face*

But to make a counterpoint, how many non-linux-kernel distros will we
offer to install at the Install Fest?  *BSD, Minix, Solaris?
Personally, I would not feel comfortable installing any of those, but
other's in the group might.

Please don't take me wrong here.  I'm just playing Devil's Advocate in
order to get our limits defined.  I agree that the FSF and Open Source
Initiative are crucial elements of the Free *nix movement, but I want to
suggest that we focus on what an Install Fest is all about -- installing

I agree it is a good idea to have a meeting of all Install Fest
interested parties (at Taki's perhaps?).  This is starting to gain
enough momentum to warrant an Install Fest Committee.

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