[Cialug] Installfest thought

Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Sat Jun 4 12:58:26 CDT 2005

I agree that we need to keep the information that is presented useful 
and enjoyable/palitable however are we settled on the idea of only one 
presenter?  With a group of us there, I can't see a reason to not have 
multiple presenters.  I would not mind speaking (/w a time limit ;) ) 
about Free Software.   Is the intent then to have the installfest 
happing simultanious to the presentation, after, or before?

I believe that we are at a point where having an organizational meeting 
specific to the Installfest, for idea, concept, and scheduling would be 
a great benifit.


Kenneth Ristau wrote:

>Theron Conrey wrote:
>>Ohh and big surprise I did some work on the wiki in regards to Free
>Good content!  I particularly like the list of freedoms under "What does
>this mean for me?"
>At some point, we will want to turn control of the final presentation
>over to the (for lack of better phraseology) final presenter.  The wiki
>has potential to turn into a sort of flame-war platform unless we view
>it as a content aggregator for the presenter and not the final draft of
>the presentation itself.  The person giving the talk should be able to
>draw enough content from the wiki and have the authority to re-organize
>or cut as needed so it fits into a 10 to 20 minute time frame.
>IMHO the focus should be on Linux and what it can do for various users
>(hobbyist, data center, desktop, etc.).  We should give copious pointers
>to other sources of information (perhaps a hand-out with URLs and/or
>ISBN's), should the audience want to pursue the detailed history of the
>FSF, Open Source Software, Unix, Linux, etc.  The presentation should
>get people fired up, not bore them to tears with the vagaries of such
>things as which Open Source license is best for your project or why RMS
>is better/evil compared to ESR.
>After all, we're the ciaLug, not the ciaFSFug or ciaOSug.
>That said, keep the content coming.  The more we have to work with the
>better.  Just don't feel bad if your content gets cut from the final

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