[Cialug] Installfest thought

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Sat Jun 4 10:16:13 CDT 2005

Theron Conrey wrote:
> Ohh and big surprise I did some work on the wiki in regards to Free
> Software....;)

Good content!  I particularly like the list of freedoms under "What does
this mean for me?"

At some point, we will want to turn control of the final presentation
over to the (for lack of better phraseology) final presenter.  The wiki
has potential to turn into a sort of flame-war platform unless we view
it as a content aggregator for the presenter and not the final draft of
the presentation itself.  The person giving the talk should be able to
draw enough content from the wiki and have the authority to re-organize
or cut as needed so it fits into a 10 to 20 minute time frame.

IMHO the focus should be on Linux and what it can do for various users
(hobbyist, data center, desktop, etc.).  We should give copious pointers
to other sources of information (perhaps a hand-out with URLs and/or
ISBN's), should the audience want to pursue the detailed history of the
FSF, Open Source Software, Unix, Linux, etc.  The presentation should
get people fired up, not bore them to tears with the vagaries of such
things as which Open Source license is best for your project or why RMS
is better/evil compared to ESR.

After all, we're the ciaLug, not the ciaFSFug or ciaOSug.

That said, keep the content coming.  The more we have to work with the
better.  Just don't feel bad if your content gets cut from the final

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