[Cialug] POLL: Who currently drive's a manual transmission?

Kenneth Ristau kristau at kristau.net
Fri Jun 3 22:51:40 CDT 2005

David Courard-Hauri wrote:
> Can I count my 5 speed Saturn SL1 that I had up until I crashed it a few
> months ago? I'd still be driving a stick, but you just can't find them
> used, it seems. Now I'm stuck with automatic transmission, power
> windows, power locks... I shoulda been more careful driving on the ice...
> -- Dave

Here here!  If it wasn't for the sweet price I got on my used Jeep, I
would have passed it up on account of the automatic transmission and
A/C.  Real Jeepers prefer manuals w/o A/C -- that's what taking the top
off is for, after all.

If it counts, I'm going to try to convert it to a manual trans as soon
as the auto gives up it's ghost (maybe sooner, if I can swing it).

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