[Cialug] Installfest thought

Josh More morej at alliancetechnologies.net
Fri Jun 3 20:11:44 CDT 2005

> I set up a Wiki page for this project. Lets put some ideas together.
> http://www.cialug.org/ewiki/?id=OpenSourcePresentation

I have adjusted the presentation page to make it a bit more flexible. 
As I have learned by rolling this wiki out at work:
  * Unlike other other wikis, ewiki allows you to use bracket style
links too. As this makes page names more intuitive, it is recommended
that you use this style.
  * Remember that once you make a link, that is the name, so it can't be
used for other pages. Avoid using generic names.

Also, I have found it useful at work to have a search and RSS feed off
the main page.  Kevin, let me know if you want those features and if you
need assistance setting them up.

-Josh More, RHCE, CISSP
 morej at alliancetechnologies.net

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