[Cialug] Installfest thought

Kevin C. Smith kevin at linuxsmith.com
Fri Jun 3 16:49:37 CDT 2005

> cialug at cialug.org wrote:
>>>On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Kevin C. Smith wrote:
>>>>Anyone done any teaching or a similar presentation who could do it?
>>>>Before I called the Science Center I would want to have a presentation
>>>>and presenter (no me) to offer up.
>>>>I think having a presentation period during the Install Fest no matter
>>>>we do it is a good idea. May make it more interesting.
>>>I would be happy to do one.
>>We could use the new Wiki to pull it together as a group.
>>We need a topic.
>>I suggest either "History of Open Source" or "History of Linux".
> If we are going to do this a good topic that is relavent to people there
> will be what is "Free Software" and what does it do for me.  I'm no RMS
> nor would I ever want to claim to be, however it's important I believe
> that we address this from not only a Linux angle, but a free software
> one as well.

I would want to avoid being "preachy" about Free Software.
Also the term "Open Source" may have better recognition and understanding
by the general public now-a-days. But, yes we need to include "Free
Software" in the presentation. That said I tend to be more on the
"Free Software" term rather then the "Open Source" team myself. I'm just
thinking we need a balanced approach for an introductory presentation.

A. Introduction
B. Unix
C. Free Software Movement
D. Linux
E. Open Source
F. ?
G. Conclusion

We could even how the Revolution OS DVD afterward.

P.S. VI/VIM, Gnome, and Debian/Ubuntu rule also ;)

Kevin C. Smith

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