[Cialug] Slightly OT: Stupid computer problems

Bailey, Jonathan C bailj0 at bp.com
Fri Jun 3 16:24:49 CDT 2005

The PSU is sized like a 1U.. The back-of-the-case fan keeps running, and the side fan on the PSU just stops.

As far as temprature readings, where should I measure, and what kind of heat should I expect from a P4 2Ghz-ish CPU?


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Bailey, Jonathan C wrote:

>I've got this computer which is giving me headaches. It's a Dell Opteplex GX series that just shuts off on its own. Well, kinda shuts off. When it goes down, the screen blanks (no video signal), the power supply fan stops, the power light stays on, and the drives keep spinning. The only way to get it out of this state is to unplug/plug it back in. Here's what I've done..
>* swapped power supplies with a known good one
>* ran memtest86+ - passed
>* ran DFT - passed
>I don't want to restore, but is this the realistic next step? Anything else to check out?
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The power supply fan stops? Or do you mean CPU / Case fan? Aside from a 
few laptops I have never heard of a system controlled Power Supply fan. 
If it's stopping I would guess you have a power problem. And from the 
sounds of things, probably across the M/B. I would first find out what 
system events can cause that paticular power supply's fan to stop (i.e. 
Thermal Controls).
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