[Cialug] debian sarge

Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Fri Jun 3 10:37:27 CDT 2005

It was you who showed me the light.  

I was pretty stuck on redhat based distros (that service command is handy)
until you showed us MythTV setup with Debian.  Of course the Sarge
installation helps too.

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*cough* PRIMATIVE?!?!??!? if I had a vine I'd swing over there....... :)

Nathan C. Smith wrote:

>I'll be interested too, I'm trying Debian on a couple machines as well 
>and it is a little more clean (primitive?) than things like fedora, 
>mepis and ubuntu.
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>From: Dan Hockey [mailto:icepuck2k at mchsi.com]
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>Subject: [Cialug] debian sarge
>I installed a working base system of sarge today :-) ,and now I'm 
>to figure out how to start and stop background services from the command 
>line. Is there something else I need to install to do this? I managed to 
>install smb,cups, and apache. This is my first working install of debian 
>so pardon some of the lame debian questions I'll be asking.
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