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Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Thu Jun 2 21:07:57 CDT 2005

Mesh networking.  

Check here: 'http://www.locustworld.com/'  Not using it myself, but it is
very interesting.

I run a wireless network for a few neighbors.  I figure 1-5 Mbps is OK, the
bottleneck is still the link back to the Internet.  Even mailserver access
at those speeds kicks what some people have with their ISPs in the pants.

I have two users using the WDS feature, In my Experience, it is way to
finicky and product-specific.


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is there a way to "link" wireless access points together to form a web 
of waps without using cat5? in other words doing it wirelessly???

kinda interested in this as i want to link up with a few other people in 
my neighborhood. my wap gets about 1500meters  range @54mbps. beyond 
that i get around 11-30mbps.

any ideas?

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