[Cialug] waps

Dan Hockey icepuck2k at mchsi.com
Thu Jun 2 17:56:42 CDT 2005

David Champion wrote:

> n.d wrote:
>> is there a way to "link" wireless access points together to form a 
>> web of waps without using cat5? in other words doing it wirelessly???
>> kinda interested in this as i want to link up with a few other people 
>> in my neighborhood. my wap gets about 1500meters  range @54mbps. 
>> beyond that i get around 11-30mbps.
>> any ideas?
> Some WAP's can behave as a "wireless bridge". This is probably what 
> you want.
> There's also "wireless grid networks" which is probably not what you 
> want.
> Do the google thing on those topics, should get you some info.
> -dc
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the wifi toys book has some interesting projects you might be able to use.

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