[Cialug] MythTV installfest?

Dan Sloan dsloan at DRAKE.EDU
Thu Jun 2 14:14:48 CDT 2005

Maybe I missed something...didn't the FCC Broadcast Flag rule get knocked
down back in May?


-- Dan

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> Maybe we could have a Cialug MythTV installfest?  It seems 
> several people are interested in getting MythTV working on 
> their machines and we have several people familiar with it.
> BTW, magicITX
> (http://www.magicitx.com/modules.php?name=catalog&file=index&c
> Path=25) has the OEM WinTV PVR-250 MCE for $80.  I'll let you 
> know how they work soon
> ;-)  They are just the card, no software, no remote, no 
> wires, no IR receiver.  In fact, they even lack the leads for 
> the IR receiver.
> Some people associated with the EFF are really pushing people 
> to get HDTV tuner cards before the broadcast flag goes into 
> effect.  Does Anybody have/use HDTV?  Is it really visibly 
> better quality than DVD?
> -Nate
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